Cancellation and refunds

These policies are effective as of the time you submit your deposit, book your services or group classes, join membership program, buy any courses or subscription boxes.

Cancellation Policy

TRIBE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS: All tribe programs run on a forward month payment basis where people have to pay first before joining the program. Those who have been enrolled in Selfhealers tribe membership may cancel within 7 days prior to the starting date of next month of the membership program, and you will not be charged for the next month.

BOOKINGS: Your payment is fully refundable minus the platform transaction fee and taxes.  If you cancel between 3 and 30 days prior, I will refund 100% of the program fee.  No refunds are possible after 3 days prior to the starting date if your booking was done 7+ days in advance.  If you have done a booking within the slot of 7 days then you can cancel within 4 days from the date of booking with the full amount refundable except the platform transaction fee and taxes. No refunds if the booking was canceled within 3 days before the start of the service when booked within a 7 days slot. Refunds are to be made by opting for a refund in your user profile or by sending a written notification on the website’s contact form below with the subject “your name – your service – refund”.​

RESCHEDULE BY US: SelfHealers and Shweta Chopra reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any scheduled booking or to replace personnel due to low enrollment or circumstances beyond my control. If a booking is rescheduled or canceled, participants will be given notice by SelfHealers at least five business days before the start of the program. You may then enroll in the next available offering of the program. Should this occur, if desired by you, all collected payments to date will be refunded.

DEPOSIT: If there is any deposit specifically stated in any program under the name of Deposit anywhere on this site, the deposit therein for the program is non-refundable and non-transferable.

PAYMENT PLANS: Payment Plan options can be found on the Registration/Pricing and Payment Options page on this website.  Monthly automatic credit card billing is required. Applicable service rates are posted on the Registration/Pricing and Payment Options page on this website. Credit cards accepted for payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. Billing information will be collected during the registration process to facilitate payment on the service renewal date. A payment receipt will be emailed each billing cycle.

TRANSFERS/SUBSTITUTIONS: You may not transfer to another program nor substitute another person in your place.

EMERGENCIES: I will always try to accommodate absences resulting from emergencies such as severe illness, accidents, etc. However, adjustments can be challenging.  Therefore I am not able to accommodate requests for withdrawals for any other reason, such as work scheduling issues, family vacations, or personal reasons, etc.

Purchases – Refund Policy

  • 7 to 30+ days before the delivery– a full refund will be offered.
  • 7th day– a 50% refund will be offered.
  • 7 days or earlier – no refund will be offered.

Memberships – Refund Policy

  • 7 to 31+ days before the start of the program – a full refund will be offered.
  • 7th day– a 50% refund will be offered.
  • 7 days or earlier – no refund will be offered.

Individual bookings – Cancellation Policy

  • 72 hour notice is required when canceling an Individual session. Those who do not give  72  hours notice will be charged the full amount for the session.

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