How to clear subconscious mind through a shamanic journey?

how to clear sunconscious mind through shamanic journey

Many shaman teachers have different views on clearing the subconscious mind through the shamanic journey. They say that to clear the entire subconscious mind of all the mental constructs and belief systems of hundreds of lifetimes, and all the baggage, miasmas, and centuries’ worth of garbage collected in the DNA, is an almost impossible task. To attempt this alone is not only extremely discouraging and time- consuming (meaning whole lifetimes of work), but unrealistic.

The job cannot be done alone.

The key to clearance is to ask for help, especially from Spirit, and from knowledgeable teachers. This is done most effectively by accessing your Inner Shaman. When you ask the Inner Shaman for help in purifying your DNA and clearing your subconscious mind of baggage, you will receive instantaneous help. Ask and you shall receive.

Exercise to clear the subconscious mind through shamanic journey:-

1. Sit and relax, taking several deep breaths. You will be giving clear commands to your subconscious, so it helps to be as relaxed as you can be.

2. Focus on the pull of gravity over your whole body. Feel how it makes you heavy. Allow gravity to do what it does to your body with no resistance.

3. Shift your attention to your imagination and to your mind, where gravity has no pull whatsoever.

4. Now imagine that you are entering an elevator, and that you are going to go down from the tenth floor to the ground floor. Feel the elevator lurch and begin to go down: ten, nine, eight, relaxing, going deeper, seven, six, five, letting go, relaxing even more, four, three, going down, two, one, deeply relaxed and ready.

5. Let the door to the elevator open and step out into a natural landscape of great beauty. Before you is a wise old man or woman, smiling and beckoning you to come nearer.

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6. Say to this wise person: “Thank you for being here. I came to ask you for help with clearing my subconscious mind of all extraneous baggage and limitations that are holding me back from growing and transforming. I know you can and will do this because I am using my free will to ask for your services. Begin to dismantle all retaining walls in my mind that are holding me back at this time. As I breathe each breath, the retaining walls fall away along with thousands of years of programming, worry, fears, and self-deprecation, including self-imposed blocks due to guilt and shame. Remove all guilt, all shame, all lack of forgiveness. Remove all anger, vengefulness, grief, and remorse. I no longer need any of these things for my progress forward.”

7. Now say: “I am already feeling lighter, freer, transformed into my essence self. Thank you, thank you for helping me even when I am not consciously aware of it. From now on, you and I are partners.”

” Deep in my heart, I know you want me to be ultimately successful in this endeavor and I will not resist or fight your efforts to assist me.

” And, I am that I am.”

“Starting here, I am the open door that no man can shut.”

“Now, I am on my way.”

8. Now return to the elevator, enter, and close the door. Push the button and begin to rise up one, two, three, feeling lighter and more focused, four, five, six, clearer and more in your body, seven, eight, better and better, nine, and ten, all the way into your body and feeling great. Open the elevator door and be where you are.

Download this journey exercise in A4 format here:-

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