radical healing with hypnotherapy

Book 1-on-1 sessions to discuss your needs, issues, and challenges. Heal yourself from the Root Level, and then, work towards the Growth of your Soul.

Investment: INR 6500/4-5 hrs session (Inclusive of taxes)

How to book your session?


Book the session by completing the payment. Currently, you're being shown to book only 1 session. Alternatively, you can contact me directly for Gpay link and/or book 3 or 6 months packages at a reduced cost.


After booking your session, I will contact you in the next 24-48 hrs to book a suitable date and time for you. You can choose to book the session in both online and offline modes.


If it's online, I will create 3 separate online 1-on-1 sessions and share details with you. If you want an offline session, then my office is in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. You can directly come to the office after booking your session.

Hypnotherapy Materials:

Client Form
  • Hypnotherapy Client Onboarding Form
Preparation Material
  • Hypnosis Practice Clip
  • Hypnotherapy Preparation Manual
  • Online Hypnotherapy Preparation Manual
Post-Hypnotherapy Material
  • Post Hypnotherapy Integration Guide
  • Self Reflection Workbook (Digitally fillable -60 pages) - Download
Advanced Packages
  • 3 and 6 months packages for Advanced clients

hypnotherapy is a part of my blanket offering: esoteric therapy.

What is esoteric therapy?

We are spiritual beings having a transitory human experience. Sadly, so many of us have forgotten this. The base foundation is no longer of our spiritual infinite self but a limited human being. So whenever we seek therapy, our purpose is utmost to resolve the issues that are spoiling this human experience.  All the talks about spirit have been left far behind to the religious, mystical, and alternative modalities. Imagine, such a huge potential for spiritual growth is only taken seriously by a fraction of souls.

This Esoteric Therapy seeks to combine and align these two potential avenues of growth.  Your therapy isn't ideally complete after the resolution of one issue or two. In fact, it expands the boundary of your unlimited potential and transitions that down into an everyday life. So, your therapy isn't focused only on the Healing, but gradually lifts towards the Ascension aspect.

Esoteric Therapy is a two-fold spiritual healing and transformation modality to achieve your greatest human potential and align that with your unique soul path.

esoteric therapy is a mixture of:


Inner Child Healing

Past Life Regression

Spiritual Life Coaching

Jnana - Svadhyana

Spirit Releasement Therapy


Divine Embodiment

Non-dual worldview



Reiki Energy Attunement

start by booking your hypnotherapy session.

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