Master the Universal Principles of Attraction to manifest your dream life.

Are you new to the Manifestation? Or, are you a seasoned one?

With many years of practice in manifestation and magic, I have found that some principles are quite common and interchangeable in most of these spiritual modalities. 

After researching & refining 15 crucial principles out of them, I have written down these principles in this free mini-course with subjective assessments

Most importantly, I have kept them easy, short, and fun so that almost anyone can understand and practice them without any prior experience in Manifestation.

Is this course for you?

If any of the below points match you or stir something within you, then you should get it. Follow that instinct.


You are tired of all those basic tips kept secret by people who have successfully decoded the manifestation psychology.


You want to know how simply changing some belief patterns can turn your life around and make you a huge success everywhere you go.


You are interested in all the self-help content out there but that's just too much. You want something quick and easy to tell you exactly what you want to know.


You are spiritual in a way that having material desires seemed like a wrong thing to have. So you want to get more insights into what spirituality basically is.


You have too much going on at the back of your reptilian mind and you need something to bring it all out so that you can deal with it.

Safe space

You just want to heal yourself. And, learning manifestation is a part of creating that safe space you desperately need. The safer you feel, the faster you attract your dream reality.


Let's start
  • About the author
  • Introduction to the Manifestation
1. Positive Suggestion
  • Positive suggestion theory
  • Exercise
2. Present Language
  • Present language theory
  • Exercise
3. Playfulness
  • Playfulness theory
  • Exercise
4. Repetition
  • Repetition theory
  • Exercise
5. Authority
  • Authority theory
  • Exercise
6. Association
  • Association theory
  • Exercise
7. Delayed action
  • Delayed action theory
  • Exercise
8. Intention
  • Intention theory
  • Exercise
9. Emotionalize
  • Emotionalize theory
  • Exercise
10. Unlimited potential
  • Unlimited pontential theory
  • Exercise
11. Detachment
  • Detachment theory
  • Exercise
12. Time & space boundless
  • Time & space boundless theory
  • Exercise
13. Easiness
  • Easiness theory
  • Exercise
14. Awareness
  • Awareness theory
  • Exercise
15. Breaking Limiting beliefs
  • Breaking limiting beliefs theory
  • Exercise
Wrap up
  • Final note
  • Feedback

in short,

  • Understand the 15 basic principles of how manifestation psychology works and then break it at free will to fit your needs. Isn’t that how the rules work? First, learn everything possible and then play with them however you desire!
  • How manifestation is both easy and hard at the same time, it only depends on your perception. You’ll come across various short assessments in this course affiliated with each principle to help change your perception and keep yourself self-accountable.
  • Further support from me if you ever feel stuck in your manifestation journey.
  • Dive deep into the web of resources available on this platform for your spiritual journey of healing, exploration, and transformation.

Are you ready for Manifestation?

Are you ready to change the way you see the world?

Are you ready to attract everything you want in your life?

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