siazmi school

A spiritual & virtual safe space for you to heal, learn, grow, vent & expand your consciousness. 

You can delve into monthly tools & resources without any prior knowledge of the subject. No prerequisites. All you need is your willingness to learn, unlearn, & work on yourself.

It's only INR 1200 ($15) for a 3-month long program. Currently running program in the School: Thriving Roots.

what is this membership?

This is a 3-monthly membership program wherein we will dive deep into tools & resources that will help in our spiritual healing, growth, understanding, and transformation. Every month, you will walk out with high vibration, consciousness shift, and an expansive worldview. 

I have created this Siazmi School because of the need for a consolidated space that is secluded enough for you to use your attention span wisely and at the same, is accessible to you from all corners of the world. Another reason is that most of you already know me from Siazmihealer's Instagram page. There are so many resources that are virtually impossible to be shared all from Instagram. This Space will consolidate all those learnings into digestible resources here.

~ Diving Deeper Into Everything Spiritual ~

The depth of subjects to study in this space is unlimited as we're going to delve into many 3-monthly themes right from chakra healing to channeling, magick to mindfulness, philosophy to esoterics - tantra, yantra, mantra, quantum concepts to shamanic journeys, guided meditations, clairvoyance to somatics & much more.

School for the Soul

If you resonate with my energy & want to expand your spiritual journey with me, then you're most welcome to join this space.

It's only INR 1200 ($15) for a 3-month long program. Currently running program in the School: Thriving Roots.


In August-October Theme, we will be delving deeper into the Root Chakra.

As we know, the Root chakra is the foundation of our being; a symbol of our 'physical life'. This is where YOU MATTER because YOU ARE A MATTER. It has everything to do with sustaining physical life. Without it, there is no material existence of life as we know it. So, it deals with all your survival, safety & security, monetary & possessions, materiality, and perseverance-related matters.

The quality of your spiritual life & evolution also depends heavily on the alignment of the Root Chakra because this is where Kundalini sleeps & this is where Life comes into being first.

And, we are always confined by the physical laws as long as we exist in physical bodies. So, the Root chakra constantly reminds us that there is no spirituality without physicality first.

So, the Root chakra will always try to preserve & protect your life even in its worst state.

And, at its best state, it would try to take safer risks & leaps toward your highest path & thriving evolution by thriving physically first.

How well grounded & activated your Root Chakra is?

This month, we will be working exclusively on healing & resolving deeper level Root Wounds & creating space for attracting higher level growth related to Root Chakra.

curriculum (more being added):

Tool Set 1 -Energy Sensing Exercises
  • Instructions
  • Your "Being" Structure
  • Self Observation Exercise
  • Energy Sensing Ball Exercise
  • Whole Body Energy Flow Exercise
  • Energy Sensing Exercise - All above 3 steps combined
Tool Set 2: Morning & Evening Practice
  • Tool Set 2: Morning Practice
  • Tool Set 2: Evening Practice
Muladhara Correspondences
  • Muladhara Correspondences
Muladhara One Month Practice
  • Muladhara Sadhana
  • Muladhara Location - Men
  • Muladhara Location - Women
  • Practice 1: Muladhara Location - MEN - Meditative Visualization
  • Practice 1: Muladhara Location - WOMEN - Meditative Visualization
  • Practice 2: 3 Stages Moola Bandha - Steps & Meditative Guide
  • Practice 3: Nasikagra drishti - Steps & Meditative Guide
Monthly Meditation
  • Lam (Lang) Chant
  • Root Chakra Healing Meditation

This space is for you if you:

  • Want to shift limiting beliefs & patterns.
  • Are an introverted soul who wants a self-initiated practice for you to study at your own pace.
  • Feel out of alignment, confused, lost, or out of purpose.
  • Want to make soul-led high-vibrational connections.
  • Want a deep self-care practice that can question all your spiritual pain points.
  • Have a deep desire to do spiritual studies but feels the lack of space.
  • Want to get tools & resources for healing trauma & reclaim your lost power.
  • Want to awaken your inner connection with the mystical forces of the universe.
  • Want to develop your intuition & use it to lead a spirit-led life.
  • Are stuck in the same old repeated toxic cycle.
  • Want to connect with your Higher self & spirit guides.
  • Intent to engage in healthy relationships & bring closures.
  • Want the support of a safe space where you can be open and vulnerable in your spiritual journey.
  • Seek to clear yourself of certain fears & phobias.
  • Want to clear your karmas, & complexes and become an empty vessel for the higher levels.
  • Need guided meditations & practices to inculcate in your daily practices.
  • Seek to release negative energy & call your soul fragments back.

It's only INR 1200 ($15) for a 3-month long program. Currently running program in the School: Thriving Roots.

our studies will gradually draw upon:

Elementals     Kabballah     Hermetics     Tantra     Alchemy     Inner child healing     Yoga Psychology     Time    Mind     Vajrayana    Consciousness     Quantum    Shaivism     Energy Healing        Mantra      Yantra      Sacred Geometry     Emotional Freedom Techniques     Remove Viewing    Channeling    Energetics    Embodiment     Golden Dawn outer circle     Spirit & Guides      Runes       Sigils     Chaos Magick     Merkaba     Magnetism     Breathwork     Hypnotherapy    Past Life Regression    Ancestral Healing    Jnana Yoga    Shadow Work     Spirit Releasement     Life Coaching    Mindfulness      Scriptures      Neuro-Linguistic Programming      Divination      Astrology     Crystals     Guided Meditations


Hi, I am Shweta Chopra, your host, and enabler on this platform. I am a professional Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and Esoterics Researcher. I research, practice, and experiment a lot with different modalities to develop the simplest possible spiritual growth systems for my clients and students.

My core focus for facilitating this space is to enable you to heal your karmic complexes and wounds, awaken your higher self, identify your true life purpose, develop your own core spiritual skills, and start walking on your unique spiritual path in this life.

In this "Siazmi School" membership, I intend to walk you through various spiritual healing & awakening modalities that you can easily understand & apply in your own life, & in your client's life as well. What I learned after years of learning, experience, case studies, mistakes & even spending lakhs on all of them, I want to offer the best out of them at affordable, time-saving & highly constructive parameters.

Let me expand the 3-monthly schedule here.

Monthly reading

It is a monthly tarot & energy 5 card reading -further divided into 3 groups for you to select. Astrological influences will also be included. Readings will center around monthly focus, self-growth, relationships, finances & purpose. It is a diversified version of free stories from my Instagram.


These are guided meditations designed with self-hypnosis tools for you to go deeper into your sessions - some examples are meeting your spirit guides, exploring your subconscious space, calling your soul back, visiting an alternate version of yourself, etc. They will be aligned with the theme of the Program.


These are interactive zoom workshops on a particular topic that we will host live and they are going to cover things that support the meditation, tools, & resources of the Program. Recordings will be uploaded here just in case if you missed the live sessions.

Monthly tools

These are self-help & self-work tools such as printables, worksheets & guides that you can on yourself or your clients also. Working with these tools will help you to digest & integrate the content of this Program by applying things first-hand in your life and creating meaningful changes.

weekly lessons

These are weekly self-study (svadhyaya) based lessons that will ultimately lead to your consciousness expansion throughout all bodies & dimensions. They will be around 10-15 minutes each to make them digestible on the go. They will include a wide variety of topics for you to choose from.


You have done extensive studies the whole month so these live informal sessions will help you to release density from yourself and move on rather empty-headed. Just come, speak up, and vent out your emotions, thoughts, issues & ideas on what's bothering you this month. There is no therapy here but rather owning the chaos within. Sometimes, all a person needs is to share, speak out & let go.



Your school starts when you first purchase & you're automatically directed to your dashboard.


You learn, practice & absorb all the classes, tools, workshops, lives, & meditations and heal, learn & grow for the next 90 days.


You complete a 3 months whole curriculum and receive a completion certificate for your professional use. You'll continue to have access to the content.


When 90 days are near, you decide whether you want to renew your membership for the next 90 days or cancel it. No recurring payments. It's your choice.


What are the prerequisites for joining the School?
You just need to have the desire to learn, heal & grow spirituality. The rest of the work will be taken care of by me. The sincerity of a Seeker & your willingness to be a lifelong student, this attitude will take you a long way here & in the outside world.

How to access the School content?
Right after purchasing/signing in, you will automatically be taken to your membership dashboard where you can access all your content right away.

How to cancel/renew the School?
You can renew the membership by repaying for the next 3 months at any time you want. And, there is no need to cancel the membership as you have already paid for 3 months & got unlimited access to the said program. There are no recurring payments so you'll not be charged any further.

Is it necessary to take all classes/practices regularly?
If you want to develop a consistent practice & lifestyle around your healing, learning & growth, it is highly advisable to follow the recommended time format. You are, however, most welcome to use the space as you feel intuitively.

What are the perks of joining the Siazmi School?
You can access all the 3-month-long courses at significantly reduced prices, have accountability, and all of your learnings can stay organized in one place. Also, every 3-month course will have its own completion certificate that you can even use professionally.

What is the refund policy?
Refunds are only valid for any unused months. If you have paid for a long-term plan, then if you cancel your plan before the plan end date, the amount equating to any unused months will be reimbursed. It is also valid if you opt for a refund before the start of the membership. Once you have got access to the content, then the refunds will become forfeited. 

join siazmi school now

It's only INR 1200 ($15) for a 3-month long program. Currently running program in the School: Thriving Roots.