This is a 13 card Reading + individual question readings wherein I will draw the card with your key goal in mind, and the factors that we'll find out through this reading are:

The real unveiled issues, conflicts/challenges, root cause, past/future influences, your current role, Spirit-given goals, hopes, desires, fears, or any other complexes into play, internal/external influences, & final message/outcome + your questions

Investment: ($47) INR 3500/- Limited seats of 5 people/month

Tarot is your mirror. The cards help you create your story.

Tarot is a language whose vocabulary is our universal experiences as humans, and after interpreting, it becomes a great tool that helps you develop your own narrative. A particular reading and its interpretation is a reflection of your own inner world. Exploring that is so important to self-development.

We make magic by manipulating symbols and telling our stories.

Our lives are a constant interchange between our inner and outer worlds. As humans, we are programmed to perceive ourselves reflected in everything. And we act according to those beliefs. Every single decision that we make shapes the world into being. Thus, if we had deep self-knowledge, we could unlock every individual’s ability to change the world as we see it. If we all could be who we were really meant to be, we believe the world would be infinitely more interesting.

By connecting to yourself, you build deeper empathy with the world.

The stories the cards tell are common to all of us; we are all traveling the Fool’s Journey. The world is full of platforms that connect us technologically without teaching us how to form meaningful and authentic relationships. If we learn the story that is told within, we can start to find the commonalities between our stories and others. This is how we build bridges, how we learn to empathize with others.

The cards don't control your fate.

The cards reveal the tendencies, stories, and meaning hidden within the shadows, but none of them control your fate. You are and always have been the controller of your fate - at least until Karma steps into the picture. Cards tell you where the work is needed - and it's up to you to do that work.

Your tarot reading program will include the following:

1.) 1-2 days after booking this program:

A 15 minutes Zoom meeting session for getting to know each other & energy familiarization. Alternatively, you can direct chat on Instagram and give your set of a maximum of 3 questions there.

2). 2-4 days after the Zoom meeting:

Delivery of a 25-30 pages detailed Readings pdf workbook. The pdf will include personalized self-coaching prompts according to your cards. Reading will include 13 card spreads for In-depth inquiry, 9 cards for 3 questions + any extra readings that I intuitively add to the readings.

3.) Optional: Within 2 days after the delivery:

If required, chat support for 30 minutes for further clarity and guidance. After this, the program will end.


It's too easy to get distracted by world events. Trauma and drama pull us off-center and further away from our own inner wisdom. We're all the walking wounded, doing our best to cope with what's happening out there, often at the price of neglecting what's inside. Inner work is necessary if we are going to heal ourselves and show up in the world as whole beings— because compassion begins within. 

A healthy relationship with self will pave the way for a better relationship with the world, no matter what's happening out there. When we acknowledge our shadow sides and befriend them, we become courageous and merciful. Think about how it would be if everyone did this work! What might the world look like if we were able to forgive and be tender with ourselves? 

Introspection & Shadow work are important steps in the Tarot. As we look within, we begin to see those scared, dark spaces, the parts that need our sympathy and love. From there, we can become friends with ourselves, warts and all. 

client words

My friend Sonia referred me to this. I have had several tarot readings before with others (even pulled some cards myself) but never before I thought that coaching could be combined so beautifully with it. If you're looking for a tarot reading, you're in the right place. Give it a try.

Karishma Shah

The readings are so accurate I can't even tell! These are the very things I was subconsciously feeling for some time but continued to avoid. Didn't expect that the same theme will appear in my tarots. I am very satisfied with it. Might even come back for another session sometime :)

Natalie J.

This is my first time getting this kind of reading. I felt very drawn to Shweta's energy on her Instagram page and thought of giving this a try.  I am glad I listened to my intuition! She has not only answered my every question but made a very nice workbook for me to work on my self-reflection. I found it as cherry on the cake. Thank you very much!

Arun Sharma

what does the energy want for you?

Investment: ($47) INR 3500/- Limited seats of 5 people/month.

Find out now.