THE 90 days spiritual reset

Heal, and Reframe the core areas of your life without selling your soul.


LIMITED PERIOD OFFER: INR 9999/- ( Use Coupon Code: MASTERSOUL) *Available until seat lasts.

Redefining your core spirit areas

Emptying the clutter. Transmuting the mundane into the Divine. 

A warm welcome to you!

This 90 days program is designed to help you cleanse the core areas of your life, shed light on your karmic blocks, find the repeating patterns deep within your subconscious faculty, transmute and redefine your life purpose. It is meant to help you navigate the difficult path that has come at, whether be at standstill in your Sadhana - Yoga practice or a complete falling apart of your material existence.

You might think about what exactly is in this program that can claim all this. Well, I understand that no human is an island, and we need each other to support, grow and love. I have gone through this intense journey, exploration, and dark night of the soul myself, too many times, to find that if there is a system, support, backbone in place, then no matter what roadblocks you face, you always come around, and keep ascending higher in your goal. 

If you have felt that there is so much clutter in your life in terms of lack of direction, self-confidence, and mental & spiritual clarity, then this course will help you in working with these all. 

In a nutshell, your course will fill you up like this: 

(Imagine yourself as the Pentagram in the below icons, the microcosmic expression of the infinite Universe, while the divine potential is filling your being with the higher potential energy at every ascending state.)


A clear mind is like the Hollow bone, the empty vessel, wherein the 'New' can be readily placed. But to achieve this state of mind, one must go through various ups and downs. For a whole month, or say 28 Days, you'll go through extensive self inquiry into your past, present, and future and unblock your spiritual path.


Once your path is clear, you'll start taking action on detoxifying your mind, body, and soul through the processes described below. This is the part that requires a lot of your energy to be put into dealing with your shadow self, the part you do not so like about yourself, and you might feel intense resistance here. The key here is to keep going ahead regardless.


Once your path is clear, you have worked extensively on your mind, body, and soul, you are now ready to dive deeper into the prime goals of your life. Everyone has a goal (Purushartha). This 4-week long course work will set you in alignment with the purpose of your existence and give a boost to your spiritual growth.

the course is for you if

  • You want to format and redefine the way you are living your life.
  • You are not satisfied with your current spiritual practice.
  • You want a deep self-care practice that can question all your spiritual pain points.
  • You are stuck in the same old repeated toxic cycle.
  • You want to start a highly integrated spiritual lifestyle.
  • You are an introverted soul who wants a self-initiated practice for you to study at your own pace.
  • You want the support of a safe space where you can be open and vulnerable in your spiritual journey.
  • You find it hard to remain consistent with one practice.
  • You feel extremely overwhelmed with all the noise and suffering of the world.
  • You want to lay down the heavy burden of the world from your shoulders.
  • You want to find your life purpose and anchor deep in your true self.
  • You want to clear your karmas, & complexes and become an empty vessel for the higher levels.


LIMITED PERIOD OFFER: INR 9999/- ( Use Coupon Code: MASTERSOUL) *Available until seat lasts.

Why did I create this course for you?

There is a shloka that I heard some time back and it made me feel so seen:

अमंत्रमक्षरं नास्ति नास्ति मूलमनौषधम्‌ ।

अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः॥

It means that there is no word that can't be used as a Mantra. There is no plant that can't be used as medicine. Similarly, there is no person who is unworthy. What is rare in all of these is an enabler.

Now, who is an enabler?

An enabler (life coach) is a being who has seen it all, walked the hard path, found valuable insights & experiences along the way, and now enabling others to do the same, but in a guide and safe way. Just like a word or plant can be a toxin in the hands of the wrong person who doesn't know the right mix and lacks the foundation, similarly, if you haven't met an enabler in your life, then your journey is still to be continued on. Do not make the mistake of feeling unworthy, undeserving, or anything similar to how I felt back then. Just set out and find that person for you who can open the gates for you.

I know what I lacked. I want to make it easier for you to achieve what took me years. That's why I have created this course to streamline the things that take years for people to figure out, and cleanse through. 

If your spiritual self-growth has taken a standstill, this course might just give you the necessary push.

If your life has become directionless, this course might just become your way-shower.

If you don't know where to begin the much-needed self-introspection, this course might just break the steps down for your mind, body, and soul to digest. 


LIMITED PERIOD OFFER: INR 9999/- ( Use Coupon Code: MASTERSOUL) *Available until seat lasts.

Svadhyaya during these 90 days:

WEEK 1: Aligning your universal potential with OM Japa (90 days practice)
  • What is Om Japa and how it is different from meditation? It's benefits.
  • Matter & reality - Universal Consciousness
  • Dimensional Jump - Touching the infinite through finite ways
  • Stages of prana - Breathing
  • 3 points & diety + whole trinity
  • Posture + Drishti/eye
  • Integrating whole Practice + Initiation
WEEK 2: Unlocking your Past codes
  • Questionnaire to map out your Past patterns
  • Working on Present Life Past pattern - Part 1
  • Working on Past Life Past pattern - Part 2
  • Assimilating the Present + Past life patterns
  • Finding major past wounds
  • Reframing major past wounds + trauma
  • Q/A + Week Integration + Reflection
WEEK 3: Filling Mindfulness in the Present
  • Questionnaire to assess the quality of present life
  • Filling mindfulness in the present
  • Mindfulness for the Body meditation
  • Mindfulness for the Mind meditation
  • Mindfulness for the soul meditation (Integrating the OM japa)
  • Reframing the present on top of healed past wounds
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection
WEEK 4: Strategizing your Future
  • Plan for the Future
  • Writing a letter to Future self
  • Meditation to integrate the future self into present self
  • Walking as future self day 1
  • Walking as future self day 2
  • Walking as future self day 3
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection
WEEK 5: 21 Days Detox - Mind
  • What is the clutter in your mind?
  • Deal with Anger and frustration
  • Deal with guilt and regret
  • Deal with low confidence and lack of self worth
  • Deal with Hostility and Jealousy
  • Reframing a clean state of mind
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection
WEEK 6: 21 Days Detox - Body
  • Body 7 day detox plan - Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection (Day 7)
WEEK 7: 21 Days Detox - Soul
  • How aware are you? Where is your attention?
  • Six virtues : Sama - Control of the senses and the mind
  • Dama - Restrain the undesired actions
  • Uparati - Rise above the mundane things
  • Titiksha - Endurance of polar opposite states
  • Shraddha - Trust in the teaching and yourself
  • Samadhana - Absolute decision towards one goal + Q/A + Integration + Reflection
WEEK 8: Finding your Dharma
  • 4 Purushaarthas
  • What is Dharma
  • Finding your Dharma in your Natal Chart
  • Finding your Dharma with Meditation Journey
  • Assimilating findings of Natal chart & Meditation Journey
  • Reframing the broken bridges with your real Dharma
  • Q/A + Week Integration
WEEK 9: Planting seeds with your Karma
  • Pinpoining your life drivers
  • Finding your Karmic path from your natal chart
  • Assimilating the conscious life drivers with unconscious karmic path
  • Meditation to shed light on your karmas
  • Meditation to heal karmas
  • Meditation to heal your path
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection
WEEK 10: Make your life blissful with Kaama
  • Assessing the qualities of your relationships
  • How is your relation with your body?
  • Body scan to find any hidden body wounds
  • Meditation to heal the relationship with others
  • Meditation to heal the self relationship
  • Meditation to work with your sexuality
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection
WEEK 11: Setting pathway for the Ultimate Moksha
  • What is your freedom percentage?
  • Rooting our the Fake freedom escapes
  • Your Moksha path according to your Natal Chart
  • Replacing escapes with genuine doors
  • Reframing your Dharma, Karma, Kaama according to your Moksha
  • Meditation to envision your future self in Moksha
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection
WEEK 12: Integration
  • Reflection on all the studies earlier
  • Meditation to integrate your learnings
  • Meditation to reset your spiritual journey
  • Scale these 90 days into a lifetime practice
  • Starting a Lifetime Spiritual Journal
  • Building a community around your practice
  • Q/A + Integration + Reflection + Announcement
WEEK 13: Bonus
  • Schedule Reiki Session
  • Questionnaire for Tarot Reading
  • Exclusive offer announcement
  • Trial Day 1
  • Trial Day 2
  • Trial Day 3 + Q/A + Integration

After this course, you will be able to:


the broken karmic patterns and wounds that occupy unnecessary space in your life and stop you from seeking deep inner peace. 


to your true divine personality by identifying your timeless nature and channeling your mental energy to reprogram your current reality.


the things that need your immediate attention in the physical world by hardwiring your subconscious mind for absolute purpose, and abundance.


onto a higher spiritual level by consciously upgrading your lifestyle to match your transcendental life goals (Purusharthas) and becoming a hollow bone for your higher self.


yourself from the clutches of a mundane life by integrating the universal themes of spiritual ascension into your everyday life and subduing the hold of lesser from your existence.


the right spiritual path for yourself by learning, introspecting, and unlearning the necessary truth, knowledge, and wisdom.


LIMITED PERIOD OFFER: INR 9999/- ( Use Coupon Code: MASTERSOUL) *Available until seat lasts.

Divya's journey

Divya (name changed for client privacy) had come to me around 2 years ago regarding intense headaches. It seemed just a small problem at first. But on thorough interview, we found she had other ailments as well that were hard to catch attention at first. They all seemed quite dissimilar on the surface but as we went deeper, many of her limited beliefs started showing up. We took it as a cue for further healing and introspection. 

A lot of ideas, understanding, and experience for this course came to me while working on her case. Some directly from the hypnotherapy journeys that opened all gateways of unlimited time and space, leading to the discovery of great many self-healing ways. Other by deep study, research, and practice of various healing modalities. They both, thus, lead to the creation of this powerful course. Divya (name changed) had to say the following for the course:

"Mam, never have I ever thought that a course like this can exist and on top, I would be one of the inspiration for this!! You have really changed my life. Ab toh lgta hai jo fears hote the mere they all are just dreams. I feel so light and free now. Earlier I used to feel so anxious making the smallest decisions of life. I didn't know what to do, where to go, what I really want to do in life. Everything was soooo entanged in each other I can't even tell. This course has really become a cherry on cake for me! I really wish this course can help more n more people like me! I'll feel so grateful! thank you is an understatement."

Meet your Enabler:

Hi, I am Shweta Chopra, your host, and enabler on this platform. I am a professional Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and Occult Researcher. I research, practice, and experiment a lot with different modalities to develop the simplest possible spiritual growth systems for my clients and students.

My core focus for facilitating this space is to enable you to heal your karmic complexes and wounds; awaken your higher self; identify your true life purpose, and start walking on your unique spiritual path in this life.

In this "The 90 Days Spiritual Reset" course, I will initiate you into OM Japa meditation practice; facilitate you to heal and cleanse dynamically throughout your past, present, and future self; guide you in detoxifying your mind, body, and soul in 21 days plan; and help you in finding your 4 core life goals.

Guest teacher

Meet Manish Arora, your Ayurvedic Nutrition Coach. He is a gifted sensitive soul i.e. he is highly attuned to the energy, and emotions of other people. He humbly guides his students to approach the food holistically and dynamically. He says when you eat, you are not just eating for the body, but for the mind and soul as well.

Your nutrition is the fuel for your whole existence. Getting just this thing right has the power to make the body heal itself, reverse aging, expand life force energy and prepare the body for spiritual evolution.

In this "The 90 Days Spiritual Reset" course, he will lead the lectures related to detoxing the body by creating a 7-day core ayurvedic nutrition plan for different body types.


LIMITED PERIOD OFFER: INR 9999/- ( Use Coupon Code: MASTERSOUL) *Available until seat lasts.

Lifetime Access

Community Support

Powerful Activations

Course Completion Certificate

abhinav's journey

Abhinav (name changed) is very modest, direct, and hypersensitive. When he came to my office some months back, he seemed very tired. He explained how he wasn't sleeping well at all and was engaged in addictive habits that were taking up all his time, money, and attention. This was affecting his relationship with his partner badly. After many reconsiderations, after sitting in many sessions, he finally healed. He felt a complete renewal of his life so he thought of giving this course a try (while it was still under development). Since then, he has been an avid beta tester, and critic of this course from start to end. He had to say the following for the course:

"I must say I am not generally impressed with anything. It's ingrained in my personality to be skeptical. Initially, it was the same for this course as I had never taken any online course related to this kind. But my experience with prior sessions convinced me to give it a go at the least. As the course unfolded, I was very surprised by the accuracy of the lectures. Some made me go into really deep introspection, some triggered me hard and some made me sit and do the honest work on myself. It surpassed my expectations. Now I am happiest that I didn't miss the chance to take this course when offered. I will look forward to more courses like this in the future. A lot of gratitude to you, Shweta."

For a limited period, you'll get the following bonuses with the purchase of this course:

Distance Reiki Healing in a small group setting

Plus, the observation readings will be shared. It will be given anytime in-between your course duration or as given in the course schedule. I'll prompt you 3 days in advance for this.

Personalized Tarot Reading for your Life Purpose

This reading will be a 3 Card reading and will be shared during the course of your study as given in the course schedule. You'll get this in conjunction with your Reiki observations.

Permanent Community Support

Maintaining a high vibe community requires both time, and energy. It works on a life guide level where I am constantly in touch with your ups and downs and help you maneuver your way out.

Let me ask you three questions. If your answer for them is YES, then get this course while the seat lasts.

Are you ready to reset your life according to your spiritual goals?

Are you ready to walk on your unique spiritual path?

Are you ready to clear your karmic cycle in this life?


LIMITED PERIOD OFFER: INR 9999/- ( Use Coupon Code: MASTERSOUL) *Available until seat lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This course is a 90 days program for spiritual reset wherein I have used different modalities such as hypnotherapy, reiki, spiritual life coaching, astrology, and vedic psychology to help achieve one goal, i.e. to help you reclaim your life according to your life purpose.

  • As soon as you purchase the course, you'll be redirected to your course. On the upper right-hand side, you'll find options to enter in your profile, dashboard, cart, subscriptions, and log out menu as well.
  • All lectures are prerecorded or prewritten as per the requirement of the course. You'll find the necessary instructions with each lecture.Whenever there is any live lecture on our own platform, you'll be timely reminded to attend that, through emails and dashboard notifications.
  • This course comes with a 15 Days money-back policy. Contact me at [email protected] for a refund request. For that, you would need to show the homework that you have done in those 15 days as the course follows a strict discipline of daily self-attendance of one lecture for a period of 90 days. I check the course progress.
  • No, you can't. Because of the nature of the content, you must not share the course or login credentials with anyone else. Only one student is allowed per course purchase.
  • Once purchased, you can transfer it to another person but finding that person and changing all the account details is your responsibility. That person will act as your replacement. If you don't update the account details then the said person won't be able to get the personalized service sessions and course completion certificate that are both parts of this course.
  • Contact me. I'll try offering the course in monthly installments. This option is available for only a few people who really need the course but honestly lack the funds. So, only choose this option if you really can't afford it.
  • Because of the amount of time and energy that's needed to be invested in every student, I open limited seats per course. At this moment, I have no plans to open the course anytime soon. Also, the bonuses are limited to this course only.
  • You're most welcome for this. Contact me for the affiliate offers available at this moment.
  • You can put in a query in the chat section available in your course dashboard. I'll try to answer all your questions whenever I'm available next. P.S. I have set up a fixed time to answer the queries specifically every day so you can expect your query to be resolved within 24 hours.
  • Yes, it is but daily attendance of one lecture is a must. I want you to complete the course in a fixed 90 days period. Scientific studies say that to make a habit your permanent behavior, you need to do that thing consistently for straight 90 days. I want to make the learnings of this course be permanently fixed in your psyche so it is highly advised to be disciplined and follow the suggested schedule.
  • You will still have access to the course to complete it anytime you want and return to the material at any time in your life. But, you'll miss out on the huge benefits you would have otherwise got from being consistent. 
  • The course is designed to align smoothly with your everyday busy schedule. On weekdays, you'd need to spend at most 30 minutes, and on Sunday,you'd need to give the course 90 minutes of your time, energy, and attention.

Let me ask you three questions. If your answer for them is YES, then get this course while the seat lasts.





LIMITED PERIOD OFFER: INR 9999/- ( Use Coupon Code: MASTERSOUL) *Available until seat lasts.

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