Welcome to Self Healers Tribe

Self Healers TRIBE is a community of people who have made healing themselves and everyone around them their life’s mission. This Tribe focuses on spiritual (both ancient knowledge and new age) tools and rituals to effectively heal and transform our lives.

Self Healers Tribe is a monthly paid membership based safe soul space for everyone to experience deep inner healing without feeling subjugated. With tools derived from modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Tarot divinations, Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Shamanic Journeys, Spirit Releasement therapy, Past Life Regression, In-between lives, Mindfulness Meditations, Markaba Meditations and many more, one can absolutely feel that joining such a community is worth the cost and effort.

What's inside Self Healers Tribe for you?

Monthly group healing transmission

Receive a monthly Group Reiki healing transmission to boost you up for the whole month.

Energy Updates

Specific energy updates for the month for you to plan your important tasks accordingly. (Through Tarot divination)

Spiritual coaching tools

A wide variety of spiritual and coaching tools for you to implement in your life or for your own clients.

Guided Meditations

 Guided meditations for different set of situations in your life with a key focus on working through this month’s coaching tool.

Monthly Artwork

Spiritual and healing oriented monthly artwork for your desktop, and mobile. 

Discount on courses

Learn while you heal. 20% exclusive off for you on upcoming courses for you to expand spiritually and intellectually. 

Personal Development workshops

Web events and workshops wherein we all share our life stories with each other and thrive into a community of personal development.

Lifescript Journeys

Rewrite your life story through monthly journeys focused on finding your lifescript and transforming the weak areas of your life.

Monthly Energy Exchange

$ 11 Monthly
  • 1 Monthly group reiki transmission
  • 1 Energy update
  • 1 Spiritual coaching tool
  • 1 guided meditation
  • 1 Monthly artwork
  • 20% discount of upcoming courses
  • 1 personal development workshop
  • 1 Lifescript journey

Thank you for subscribing to Self Healers!

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