Step out of your comfort zone with this powerful emotional transformation.

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Comfort is so instinctual in us that it almost seems like our very existence is based around it. In fact, existence was only pushed by those people who pushed the edges, made peace with discomfort, and realized that home is a made-up concept to protect that comfort zone – a territory we willingly chose to cement around us. We seem to enjoy this comfort, yet this sense of inertia, separateness, and, at times wild procrastination, makes us delusional to think we’re enjoying.

We are just seeking comfort to be our survival shelter where we can hide our fears for a while and keep our back turned from the inevitable, for as long as possible. We want to avoid the hidden costs it takes to maintain the sanity of comfort zones. But there will always come a time when we will be forced out of this shelter when the hiding wouldn’t be serving our growth anymore. 

We are beings of higher evolution, made to be spontaneous and always defying the existing boundaries. We are not made to agree with the norms. We are made to disagree so that we can define a new way for the norms to come out of their own shelters too. We are made to continuously make, break, and remake the molds. So that, we can reach a stage where the mold isn’t required anymore.

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Comfort can be an addiction in its own, making one numb to their own needs of standing up. The more we will try to stir away, the more it will make the distance unbearable for us to venture out. The familiarity and assurance of the known will continue to make us stay put. Then only to realize that we have designed our own personal trap, which is so endearing to us that we no longer feel like it’s a trap. We, then, start defending it.

Only if we could defend our needs of breaking out with the same level of intensity. The body will seek solace, the mind will remain confused, but the most terrible suffering will be faced by this very soul that we are. This is our spiritual urge that can not be defined in intellectual words. It can only be experienced. 

We are not meant to remain in comfort like this life will continue on, but rather in a calm cruciality where we are ‘aware’ that any day can be our last. The permanence of the future cannot be insured, then how can we be sure that we can seek closure in comfort when it has to endTweet

Some day, a strong wind will make us question our existence. We will be filled with questions, so urgent and demanding that we will not be able to ignore it anymore. We will start listening to what silence has to speak. We will be blown away in frenzy like the delicate ruffled petals of dandelion.

That will be the intermission of our story where we would start the journey of breaking molds. The feelings wouldn’t be swept under the bed anymore as the immediate actions would become unavoidable. That is when we will grow. 


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